District 20 Area 11

Guilford Connecticut Alcoholics Anonymous

District 20 (Area 11) Meeting Minutes

May 16, 2024 6:30 PM.    

Guilford Community Center – Leete Room


In Attendance: Geoff B, Lanny, Nick R, Meredith G, Murphy H, Thomas G, Al Di, Ginny R, Peter G, Herb S, Pam C, Molly Malone.

Meeting opened at 6:30

GSR Preamble,

Responsibility Statement,

Serenity Prayer

Welcome to all in attendance.

Reading of Tradition and Concept 5


  • Group Concerns – none reported.


  • Carrying the message; how are we doing it? What is our message? Discussion concerning communications to the various groups, how to get the message about what we are doing without the GSR involvement.
  • What we are doing now:
    1. We have put up a website with information regarding meetings, daily readings, announcements, minutes and treasurers report.
    2. We have people going to prisons – men/and women. These groups were in place prior to Guilford becoming a district on its own.
    3. We have publications going out to GSR’s; At a Glance and Alki-line with no response/acknowledgement of receipt.
  • Some of the feedback is that people are not using the internet to access information and that they do not like or have not become comfortable using the QVC codes on some of the handouts.
  • Discussion regarding the importance of using and being familiar with the AA Service Manual and use of Service Sponsors.




Officer’s Reports

DCM: Geoff has been attending DCM, All Area and monthly meetings in his role as DCM. He attended Spring Assembly May 19.

A11-CPC and PI

Area 11 Pre-Conference Assembly – Relevant topics

Spring Assembly is May 19th -it will explain what was voted on at the convention.

Treasury:  There was no treasury report, however no money was spent, and no money came in. The figures from the previous meeting are carried over to this month.

Reported total cash: 3,741.60.

Cash held in excess of prudent reserve 2,664.35.

Cash Held in prudent reserve 1,077.25.

We received money from 3 meetings; this will be included in June Treasurers report.

Pay Pal account has been created, transition from Venmo to Pay Pal will be taking place.

Secretary – Minutes were reviewed and approved, with no corrections.

Registrar: Reported everything up to date.

Answering Service:   No May updates

Corrections Rep – Training has wrapped up, meetings will be going to Whalley Ave Prison.  There are meetings going to Niantic Prison also.

Grapevine Rep – Meredith asked that Grape Vine be sent to York Prison – approved.

Schedules/Website – Schedule is up to date.

Meeting adjourned at 7:40