District 20 Area 11

Guilford Connecticut Alcoholics Anonymous

June 15, 2023 Business Meeting Minutes

In Attendance: Al (DCM Chair), Pam C (Tres/Secretary), Herb S. (Shed/Web), Geoff (Public Information) GSRs: Virginia, R, Peter G, Deb B

Meeting opened at 6:32 With GSR Preamble, Responsibility Statement, Serenity Prayer, Reading of Tradition 6 and Concept 6 and welcome to the GSRs.


Officer’s Reports  DCM: (AL Di)

Provided update on Spring Assembly, NE Regional Forum and provided notes he took regarding the meeting.

Announced that the GSR Packets are printed and ready to handout. 

Updated At a Glance – handout.

Leete Room at the Community Center is reserved for July, August, And

September. The group has decided to meet in person in the Leete Room for now. 

The Steering Committee will meet 2nd Sunday of each month at 6:00 PM Treasurers Report: 

Pam provided brief Treasurers report; giving balance of account and that no funds came in or were dispersed. 

Peter made a motion to accept report, Deb seconded – Report accepted. 

Group was informed of following recommendations made by Steering Committee that were Motions regarding finance. 

Motion: to keep prudent reserve equivalent to 25% of the forecasted annual expense budget (such prudent reserve to be calculated currently at $1,000) at $ 1,000 and note that upon formation of the District, a 1-time special reserve of funds held in excess of the district’s current prudent reserve, currently approximately $2,700, will be allocated by the District for special projects yet to be determined. 

Motion: to hold off on dispersing funds to State and GSO for one year until we can establish what our finances will look like going forward at such time, distribute funds in excess of prudent reserve in equal proportions with 40% to the State, 40% to GSO, and 20% to be held in contingency throughout the year. Any funds remaining at the end of the year to be further distributed 50% to the State and 50% to GSO. 

Motion: to preserve the check and balance nature of the treasurer’s function, District District 20 will not approve a debit card connected toto our account for any Officer at any time. 

Motion: to limit the District GSR meeting to 1 hour in length. A vote may be taken to extend the meeting to conclude important decisions. 

These motions were discussed and explained in the meeting. 



Recording Secretary

Minutes of May Minutes we placed on the shared screen to read and sent to members prior to meeting. There were no changes made.

Deb B asked that minutes be sent to GSR’s so they can accurately report to their meetings – Al agreed.



Needs information on existing group, new groups to be filled out. This has been sent out a few times via attachments.

GSR Group Reports 

No concerns were raised. 

Chair read out current events and need for committee involvement.

Old Business   

Group concerns – What’s going on in your group(s). How can District help? There were no concerns expressed.  

The steering committee decided to divide up the list of GSR’s and contact individuals who are GSR’s in an to improve attendance and find members who are willing to take on opened positions within the district. 


Discussion: Zoom or back to in-person meetings. Community center reserved for: Jul-Aug-Sept. 

Motion made by AL and seconded by Herb to move GSR Meetings back to the Leete Room, this passed unanimously.   New Business

Al announced that the Friday Noon meeting at the Congregational Church has closed – changes will be made in the schedule online.

Meeting Adjourned at 7:35