District 20 Area 11

Guilford Connecticut Alcoholics Anonymous

January 18, 2024 Business Meeting Minutes

District 20 (Area 11) Meeting Minutes: Jan 18th, 2024

Guilford Community Center – Leete Room

The meeting was called to order at 6:35PM

In Attendance

Geoff (DCM Chair), Herb (Alt DCM, Schedule, Web) Pam C (Treasurer, Secretary), AL Di (AV, Schedules, Alki-line, At A Glance) ,

GSRs: Meg M, Geoff, Molly M, Meg T, Nick R, Peter G, Meredith (Grapevine), Ginny, Ricky Dan B not GSR but on Prisons outreach for Whalley Ave

Meeting opened with Serenity Prayer and reading of Tradition 5, Concept 5

OLD Business

Elect DCM/alt DCM for 2024

Discuss Sending $500.00 to GSO to assist with budget shortfall motion to hold off until Greg is present with 2024 proposed Budget. Discussion: regarding pros and cons of waiting another month. Agreement to hold off until February meeting after discussion.  

GSR Packets are here ready.

Hybrid Meeting – Discussion tabled for now.

New Business

Nominate Elect additional officers and committee chairs:

Ginny will be alt CPC and PI-Motion passed.

AL Di will be the Alkaline rep and Registrar. Motion Passed

Peter G is Corrections rep Dan is alt. Motion passed.

AL is going to be tech support for Round Up, he will be Events Rep Chair since he has been asked to assist with AV at the upcoming events. Motion Passed

Question of sending 500.00 to Area 11 – Discussed, will be discussed in Feb meeting

AA Meetings for deaf – Accessibilities service committee – to be involved in starting meetings for the deaf. Herb has been working with State, in particular a SW at DMAS to see how to get this off the ground. He has been in contact with SW DMAS to see how to get this project off the ground. Herb has been in contact with American Service for the Deaf as well, there are some great resources in the state to tap into. Herb plans to put this information on the D20 web page. In addition, Accessibilities includes safe WC access to meetings as well and rides service and Spanish Speaking meetings. These are some of the ideas Herb will pursue in keeping with our mission to spread the word.

Officers Report


Geoff plans to attend the NERAASA Conference, D20 will reimburse. NERAASA is a Convention for service committees where people meet and discuss how to enhance current services.

Motion to print more trifolds – 180$ for 250 Passed.

Geoff placed an order of AA pamphlets for GSRs to bring to meetings.

GRS Information and Service Manuals; 6 or 7 manuals are here, who needs them?

Discussion of Gmail addresses for officers.

Financial report- Read by Pam C - Motion to accept.

Minutes: from Jan meeting reviewed - Motion to accept.

Registrar: No new meetings added or deleted

Alkaline: Need articles, it would be helpful to make mention of this at respective meetings.

No report on answering service.

Corrections – Meredith is working on an orientation, Holley is the area 11 rep for the state, Meredith is working with her. Locations/Prisons are looking for commitments from volunteers to provide some continuity for attendees. Dan and Peter are attending orientation for Whalley Ave prison to bring meetings there, as Dan has done for many years.

-Grapevine. we have copies to deliver to meetings.

GeoffPublic information. – ordered more literature

 Patch can set up a page for free under Private Businesses

Guilford CurrierFree announcement of aa meetings in Guilford

Website- Area 11 Herb would like to post the minutes of the meeting on the D20 website.. Motion approved.

Adjourn 7:38

Respectfully submitted, Pamela C.

District 20

Area 11

GSR Meeting

Treasurer’s Report

January 18, 2024

Treasurer Report:

Total cash (Key Bank): $3,852.36

Cash held in excess of prudent reserve: $2,775.11

Cash held in prudent reserve: $1,077.25

  • All funds reconciled for January reporting (Key Bank, Venmo)

January Expenses:

  • $130.35 reimbursement to Grapevine Committee Chair
  • $162.18 reimbursement to DCM for travel and meals

January Income:

  • $70 contribution from Al Di
  • $50 contribution from Saturday Morning Police Station meeting

Budget Variance Report:

  • Variances TBD following adoption of 2024 Budget

Budget Notes and Discussion:

  • Discussion of approval of travel expenses for DCM to attend NERAASA (Feb 22-25)
  • Discussion of approval to contribute $500 to GSO in response to 2023 budget shortfall
  • Discussion of approval to contribute $500 to Area 11