District 20 Area 11

Guilford Connecticut Alcoholics Anonymous

GSR Materials

Suggested Reading for GSRs

(Jan 24 ’24 Rev 0.0)

Thank you for your service. You may not realize that you are one of the most important people in your district. Your DCM and district officers work for you … and you work for your group. The group is the foundation of A.A. Why? Simply because we, the members, carry the message of hope to the still sick and suffering. The job of the district, the area and the GSO is to support your group members, who in turn, carry the message. So, in effect, you as the GSR, and your group run A.A. … well, in addition to the millions of members around the world.

With that having been said, to do the job of the GSR effectively, many pamphlets have been developed by the GSO. The pamphlets listed below fall into three categories: Important Information, Additional Information, and Reference Information. They are PDF copies of the pamphlets and can be accessed/downloaded by clicking on the link.

Important Information: Suggested to be read upon being elected GSR.

  • G.S.R General Service Representative: (p-19_gsr.pdf)

  • The A.A. Group … Where it All Begins: (p-16_0723.pdf)

  • The A.A. Service Manual: (en_bm-31_3.pdf) Best to get the hard copy from your DCM

  • Circles of Love and Service: (p-45_circleoflove.pdf)

  • Where Money & Spirituality Mix: (F-3_selfsupport_0422.pdf)

Additional Information: Suggested to be read as time permits … or when needed.

  • The A.A. Group Treasurer: (f-96_1123.pdf)

  • Safety and A.A. flyer: (f-228_en_0422.pdf)

  • Inside A.A. Understanding the Fellowship and its Services: (p-18_0623.pdf)

  • A.A. Tradition How it Developed: (p-17_AATraditions.pdf)

  • Questions & Answers on Sponsorship: (p-15_0523.pdf)

Reference Information: Nice to know if/when need arises in the group.

  • A Message to Teenagers: (f-9_amessagetoteenagers-1.pdf)

  • Too Young: (p-37_tooyoung.pdf)

  • A Newcomer Asks: (p-24_1023.pdf)

  • Do You think you’re different?: (p-13_en_0222.pdf)

  • A.A.’s Legacy of Service: (p-44_AAWSlegacy.pdf)

  • Behind the Walls: A Message of Hope: (p-9_en_0222.pdf)

  • Many Paths to Spirituality: (p-84_manypathstospirituality.pdf)

  • The Twelve Concepts for World Service Illustrated: (p-8_0223.pdf)

  • The Twelve Traditions Illustrated: (p-43_thetwelvetradiillustrated.pdf)

  • The Twelve Steps Illustrated: (p-55_twelvestepsillustrated.pdf)

All A.A. pamphlets may be found on the A.A. website: https://www.aa.org/resources/literature