District 20 Area 11

Guilford Connecticut Alcoholics Anonymous

Minutes November 16. 2023

District 20 (Area 11) Meeting Minutes

November 16, 6:30 PM

Guilford Community Center – Leete Room

In Attendance: Al Di, Pam C, Geoff B, Herb S, Rick D, Jinny R, Gregory D, Molly, Peter, Meg, Matt, Fred.

Meeting opened at 6:32 With GSR Preamble, Responsibility Statement, Serenity Prayer, Reading of Tradition 11 and Concept 11 and welcome to GSR’s.


· Group Concerns – none reported.

· Create Handouts – A new handout was created 4x5.5 in blue card stock A.A.,’s Four Levels of Government, thank you to Pam D. for printing them out.

· Report/Discussion of prototype for D20 website – motion was passed to Create a D20 Website, Herb and Geoff will be working on this.

· Report/Discussion re: Joining the Shoreline Chamber of Commerce. We learned that the yearly fee to join is $120, this was voted on and not approved.

· Report/Discussion on PSAs for problem ETOH use – this discussion was tabled until a further date, approved to table by vote.

· Request to GSR’s to reach out to groups for those who may be interested in doing service – we still have positions that need filling and continue to need help to fill them. In addition, since one of the missions of a District is to carry the word of AA to the next suffering Alcoholic, we would like to have members step up to both lead and participate in groups going to hospitals, prisons, treatment centers, local clinicians, clergy etc.


· Should D20 pay mileage for approved travel? Motion approved to pay $0.40 per mile.

· In an effort to encourage AA event attendance – question would D20 provide financial assistance? Group voted and approved providing financial assistance that was preapproved by the board.

· Voted and approved Answering Service Guidelines – see Agenda for the November meeting to read.

· Contribution to the AA Christmas Alkathon – votes and approved to send a check for $250.00, they received the gift and sent a lovely thank you note.

· Discussed Hybrid meeting for D20 – Voted and approved to having a hybrid meeting.

· Service opportunities for Thanksgiving Alkathon: Voted on and passed: Herb will set up a table at the Alkathon with information regarding service opportunities. Herb set up the table and has a banner made (by him) to ID D20 – we will look forward to getting some assistance with the table.

· Recruitment for a new DCM needed for Jan meeting: Will vote in December meeting.

Officer’s Reports

DCM: (AL Di)

· Al printed more Trifolds and encouraged GSR’s to take them.

· Discussed open positions: Fred voted in as Answering Service Representative – Fred explained the value of the position, how it came to be, and how it functions. Fred handed out clip boards for GSR’s to take to their meetings and hand out.

· Meredith applied for and was voted in as Grapevine representative.

Treasurers Report: Greg reported we have: Voted and approved.

· Total cash at Key Bank $4,304.61

· Cash held in excess of prudent reserve $3,277.36.

· Cash held in prudent reserve $1,077.25.

Secretary Report: Minutes from October – attached to agenda, read and accepted.

Motion to adjourn 8 PM