District 20 Area 11

Guilford Connecticut Alcoholics Anonymous

March 21, 2024 D20 Business Meeting

District 20 (Area 11) Meeting Minutes

March 21, 2024 6:30 PM.    

Guilford Community Center – Leete Room

In Attendance: Fred, Connor, Geoff, Al, Nick, Ginny, Meg, Terry, Molly, Meredith, Knox, Herb, Pam

Meeting opened at 6:39

GSR Preamble,  

Responsibility Statement,

Serenity Prayer

Welcome to all in attendance.

Reading of Tradition and Concept 3

Connor joined us from CSCYPAA –  presented on the current and future projects.


  • Group Concerns – none reported.
  • Report/Discussion on PSAs for problem ETOH use – this discussion was tabled until a further date, approved to table by vote.
  • Request to GSR’s to reach out to groups for those who may be interested in doing service – ongoing.
  • Working out logistics of Hybrid meeting - Motion: Voted and seconded: Al and Herb will work on the logistics for a Hybrid meeting and present to the Jan 18, 2024, District meeting.


  • GSR’s shared that members of D20 are frustrated about the lack of opportunity to fill positions, since many members hold more than 1 position. Long discussion took place, some minor changes were made in the positions people now hold.  
  • AA Meetings for the Deaf will no longer be part of this agenda, it is being taken up by Accessibilities committee - D11.
  • Trifolds have been printed.
  • Al is completing GSR Packets.

Officer’s Reports


Geoff Announced upcoming Pre - Assembly Conference.

Report on attending the 7 DCM’s meeting.

Updating videos and media that are outdated.

Fiscal condition of GSO discussed.

Discussion of Emails to be used by D-20 officers and Chairs.


Reported total cash: 3,510.61

Cash held in excess of prudent reserve 2,473.36

Cash Held in prudent reserve 1,077.25

Money in for April: 230.85 from M. Jones PM Happy Hr.

Secretary – Minutes were not reviewed or approved. Done by Meg from the February meeting.

Registrar: Reported everything up to date.

Answering Service:   At the March 2024 Area 11 meeting there was a motion “To increase to increase the budget by $3400 for 2024" which would enable to Area to cover the cost of consolidating the Answering Service for all of Area 11 (The State of CT) so that individual districts would not have to pay for Answering Service at the district level. This would result in a cost saving of about 1/2 from greater than $28K to less than $16K and produce a more efficient system with the ability to connect a caller to an AA volunteer, quicker and cleaner. To pass this motion would require a 2/3's vote at the June Area Meeting.