District 20 Area 11

Guilford Connecticut Alcoholics Anonymous

Minutes February 15, 2024 Business Meeting

Meeting began February 15th at 6:30 pm. Community Center, Leete Room.

Responsibility Statement, GSR Preamble, Serenity Prayer, Concept & Tradition 2

Geoff discussed presenting on traditions and concepts each month. No motion was made.

Old Business:

AA Meetings for the Deaf initiative to be published on the Area website, try to include other Districts.

Trifolds reprinted.

New Business:

AL is working on a GSR info trifold

Officer Reports:


Activate Committee emails?

Recap of NERAASA, and various A11 meetings for DCMs


Replace Venmo with PayPal with EIN for district contributions. Motion made (Herb), 2nd (Peter) motion passed.

2024 budget A11 gave $1000 to start?

2024 revenue budget proposed: $2500, expense budget of $2500

Motion to accept (Herb) 2nd (Meredith) motion passed

Recording Secretary

Review January minutes


No Report


Alkaline: bi-fold is available

Answering Service: Area 11 to carry cost for districts. Herb suggested a D20 Google Voice line

Corrections: Whalley Ave orientation March 11 (tentative)

Grapevine: GV Event coming up. Checking Guilford Library for subscription?

PI/CPC: Spreadsheet of orgs, doctors, businesses? Geoff attending monthly Area 11 meetings. Possible D20 service event? Presentation to Goose Lane ED staff?

Schedules/Website: Add meeting minutes to website. District/Meetings changes to Herb, please!

Other: Discuss sobriety requirement for service committees, esp Corrections (Knox) Will be added to March agenda

Adjourned at 7:37pm