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Gratitude Breakfast

Thought For The Day

When all else fails read the directions.  They’re in the Big Book.

The General Service Conference of Alcoholics Anonymous has voted to publish a “plain language” version of Alcoholics Anonymous (the Big Book).  This is the result of seven years of planning, editing, taking surveys and discussion at all levels of Alcoholics Anonymous.  This edition will co-exist with the current version of the Big Book, the first 164 pages of which will remain unchanged.  Thank you for your comments on the survey published here.  Your opinions were considered and made part of the process.

AA Meetings 24/7 –  Zoom ID 87488439072   PW   267482

Women’s AA 24/7  Zoom ID 928 9414 8568  PW: Billw

Free Big Book app  here    Online text here

Find a meeting near you at   Meetings – Alcoholics Anonymous (ct-aa.org)

Not sure if AA is for you. https://ct-aa.org/about/

The AA Grapevine: aagrapevine.org