District 20 Area 11

Guilford Connecticut Alcoholics Anonymous

September 21, 2023 Business Meeeting Minutes

District 20 (Area 11) Meeng Minutes

September 21, 2023, 6:30 PM

Guilford Community Center


In Atendance: Al (DCM Chair), Pam C (Tres/secretary), Herb S. (Sched/Web), Geoff (Public

Informaon) GRS”s Mat, Lee, Terry, Meg, Nick 

Guests: Gretchen and Cathy


Meeng opened at 6:32 with GSR Preamble, Responsibility Statement, Serenity Prayer, Reading of Tradion 9 and Concept 9 and welcome to GRS’s and guests. 


Treasurers report: September (This was presented by phone and placed first since Greg has a prior commitment).

Total cash: $3,249.61

Cash held in excess of prudent reserve: $2,172.36 Cash held in prudent reserve: $1,077.25 

Reconciliation for the month is off by $171.53 attributed the check ordering and corporate registration expenses; Pam and I will get together when she is back to smooth out our Reporting vs. bank statements  August Expenses:  

No expenses registered for the month of August  August Income:  


Budget Variance Report:  

Running at 134.68% of annual revenue budget ($1,346.75 vs. $1,000) 

Running at 32.16% of annual expense budget roughly 50% of the way through the fiscal year 

$1,385.57 vs. $4,309) 

Budget Notes and Discussion:  


Group Concerns – none reported.

Board Members have been speaking to group members encouraging parcipaon in District 20. This is an ongoing effort. 

Create informaon sheet to hand out: Herb draed a simple hand out to be read and distributed at the meengs to outline the AA structure Group-District-State-Naonal levels. Al will format the statement and send it out for approval of the Board. 






Changes to the Officers Guidelines: Changes were reviewed, Herb made moon to approve changes, Pam second – moon carried. No discussion. 

Alki-line Represenve Guidelines were reviewed  – Herb Moved to accept changes/Pam second.  

Should we have a District 20 website. Group was in agreement that we should have a website to inform people of what District 20 is doing to carry the message to other alcoholics. Other possible uses: Ride Share, Speaker exchange, Meengs. Herb has reserved 2 URL’s to use for this project. Pam made moon for Herb and Geoff will work on this and come to the next district meeng with a proposal. Meg second. 

Discussion of what to do with videos already produced to explain AA to the newcomer or anyone interested. No decisions were made.

Public Informaon: Meg will check out pung a public service announcement in the Guilford Chamber of Commerce magazine. This will be a simple promoonal statement.   reminders- Guilford Chamber Put a 

Geoff is going to look in to patch to place a small Public Service Statement 

Herb moon to give 250 $ to Alkathon Geoff second. 

We will be looking at making some pads to keep in the meeng locaons to use for distribung phone numbers to new members. Mat menoned Tom G made one for the Friday PM meeng; he will invesgate that. Officers Reports



Due to me Al indicated nothing important occurred. Business as usual.



See atachment for details

Moon was made and passed to reimburse Al $$214.80 for prinng the Tri-fold Guilford A.A. Brochures.


Recording secretary

August Meeng Minutes were approved as submited. 



Nothing new to report


Moon was made and passed to adjourn the meeng at 7:45 pm 


Pam C