District 20 Area 11

Guilford Connecticut Alcoholics Anonymous

WELCOME Jeff K. opened the meeting for Diane at 7:02.  Still looking for a new DCM.

The Preamble, Responsibility Statement and the Serenity Prayer were read.

INTRODUCTIONS Everyone in attendance introduced themselves.

DCM/ALT DCM Report No report.

SICK AND DECEASED None reported.

TRADITION IV was read by Gene AND CONCEPT IV was read by Carol Ann

APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES Correction: Area/District Accessibilities meets the 1st Wednesday of every month. A motion was made to approve the March minutes with this correction.  Motion was seconded and APPOVED. 


  • Accessibilities Area/District Accessibilities meets the 1st Wednesday of every month.
  • Treasurer Geralyn Beginning balance was $7951.22.  Frank was paid 30.02 for refreshments, leaving an ending balance of $7921.20.  
  • Soberfest A flyer will go out regarding fees for Soberfest. $15.00 a day if you buy a three-day pass, and $20.00 for a three-day pass.  Saturday is the recommended day to attend if you are only going for one day.  Soberfest logo is “Love and Tolerance.”
  • Operations and Guidelines No Report
  • Answering Service There will be a vote at the General Service Conference regarding whether to consolidate the service.  Please see Fred’s explanation for this and why he would like our support. We need to have a 2/3 majority.  Please bring this to your groups.
  • Website Paul B is the interface for our website with Herb. The URL for us is D19A11.0RG
  • Gratitude Breakfast Tom was nominated by Fred to be the Chairperson for the Gratitude Breakfast.  He reported that the committee has had their second organizing meeting.  Amy A participates through Zoom. Finalization will be made soon for June 22 at the Branford Congregational Church. Flyers have gone out.  No tickets will be available at the door.  Purchase them using the barcode on the flyer.  Volunteers are welcome from all districts.
  • New Business
  • Laurie asked if the district will be donating to the Light and Lively group’s anniversary celebration.  Jeff explained that group anniversaries are funded by the group celebrating the event.
  • Sharon passed out flyers for upcoming events. 
  • New Haven Pacific Group Is back as of Friday, May 3rd 7-8:15pm. 292 Orange St, New Haven at the Trinity Lutheran Church.
  • Oldtimers Wednesday Zoom Meeting
  •            ID. 850 922 36941 Passcode:  1935
  • The meeting was adjourned with the Lord’s Prayer at 7:33.

Respectfully Submitted, Laurie V.