District 20 Area 11

Guilford Connecticut Alcoholics Anonymous

Guide to Zoom Hosting


Thank you in advance for your service to the Early Morning Zoomers.

The role of the host is to serve as a “keyholder” to the room, as well as to facilitate the “behind the scenes” during the meeting.

Many of our members login starting at 7:15 am. When you log into Zoon, use the following credentials rather than your own personal email.

Email: emrbranford@gmail.com
Password: SoberToday1935

Once you are logged into the group’s account, the settings will automatically be enabled for you to mute and unmute participants, share the screen, control chat, etc.

There is a co-host and chairperson for each meeting. The host needs to assign that those members “Co-Host” when they arrive.

As participants join the meeting, they will enter a waiting room and the host and co-hosts are notified as such. This provide the opportunity to view who is joining the meeting. All participants are welcome, though there have been times when unfamiliar names login with the intent to disrupt the group. Our practice has been to admit attendees and monitor the behavior of the participants. If a participant is disruptive, they can be removed from the meeting, though this does not block then from future meetings.

At 7:30 am, the host should greet everyone, announce the meeting will start, and that the group will be muted (“Mute All”) and remind the chairperson to unmute. At this time, the chat settings should be set to allow chat with “Host and Cohost only.”

During the opening remarks, our 7th Tradition “chat drop” can be pasted into chat. It includes instructions for donations, as well as a link to our website.

During the meeting, be on the lookout for “open mics.” These can be viewed on the participants list. Sometimes, people will be unmuted without their knowledge, and we can either ask them to mute or do so for them.

If a member has a hand raised to share, it’s helpful to lower that member’s hand electronically.

You may be asked to share a reading. Many daily readings can be found right on our website at www.emzoomers.com or simply by searching Google for the reading. Using the “Share Screen” function will allow members to see the reading just as you are viewing it.

If a participant is being disruptive, they can be removed by clicking on the three dots on their picture and clicking “Remove” or from the Participants list by clicking “More” to the right of their name then “Remove.”

Should you lose internet connection, the Co-host will be changed to Host.

At the conclusion of the meeting, the chairperson may invite members to join breakout rooms, one room for women, the other for men.

Creating breakout rooms:

1. Click breakout rooms button.

2. On the next screen, create two rooms. Then "assign manually" then click the create button.

3. On the next screen, rename the rooms "women" and "men". Then next to each room name, click "assign" then click the names of the women for the "women's room" and the names of the men for the "men's room"

4. Open all rooms

5. The host can then join a room

Steps 1-3 can be taken before the meeting ends. When the meeting ends then "click "open all rooms."